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Airport Transfer   
Kinds of transportation to get you where you desire are within your reach, transfer by way of either bus or car rental, all that facilitate your trip are lining up to pick out as pictured in mind. Interesting trip by boat from the national park to our place shoud be on your list(not available when low tide expected)  

Laundry service is available at your own convenience only one call away.
Servicehourset at 0700-1800. Please notify if customize or special instruction is necessary.


Variety of foods such as Thai-cuisine, American or Italian by proficient chef whichever you can expect terrific taste as where it is originally cooked at resonable price of all. 

Car Rental  

We propose a wide selection of vehicles to cater your needs, including jeeps and motorcycles. Automatic transmission and powered steering to facilitate your leisure cruising. All our cars are fully equipped with air-conditioners, radio/tape -cd stereo and safety features. They also have full servicing histories and limited mileage.

Package  Tour

Sightseeing tour & Snorkelling, things you cannot miss, specially offered in a package as one-day tour around the islands. Elephant trekking to leave the modern world behind in order to enjoy the slow pace of ancient way of wandering. Charter fishing and jungle exploring as well are awaiting your approach.    


We have put in order kayaking and canoeing for those who are seeking wild exercise amongst naturally designed ambience.

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