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 มาคุยกันในนี้.. > From P.A.N beachkrabi > To Karine i can't sent back e-mail to you
 Topic : To Karine i can't sent back e-mail to you (Read 4629)   
oil panbeach
at 1 April 2009 13:05

Dear Karine


We have room for you on April 22  the price for standard room is 600 bth per night (for 2 person) and deluxe room is 900 bth if you want to book bungalow can you send e-mail to me for confirm.We waitting for your confirm booking.Last night I try to answer to you many time but cant sent e-mail to you
and i saw you booked the room through my website but this time is ok you just send e-mail to me then we keep the room for you you can pay me later when you arrive here or when you leave from p.a.n beach.


Best regards,

P.A.N. beach bungalows (oil)


Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 04:50:51 +0700




ข้อความจากคุณ Karine TORTI

หมายเลขโทรศัทพ์ติดต่อ : 0493558512

E-mail :
Hi, I want if I can book a bungalow (2 persons, couple) standard 2 nignts from the April 22 and at what price (600*2?). The price on your site ("reserved room") is higher. Thanks for your answer ; karine (FRANCE)

Answer # 1 at 25 April 2009 10:51 [Deletion notify]
so sorry for late reply i didnt check for lonh time im very sorry now the price for  standard room is 400 from 600

and for deluxe is 700 from 900  if you want to stay for 2 nights total price is 800 

and i want to say sorry to you agian please accept my apologize

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